The Importance of Local Manufacturing for the South African Economy

The Importance of Local Manufacturing for the South African Economy

Every day, we face new obstacles that challenge us to change the way we think, work, and live our lives. However, no matter the circumstances, there is one fact that remains the same – we are consumers. We thrive on desire. Why does this matter? A consumption-hungry market will always fuel the need for the development of new products and technologies, and will constantly drive the growth and success of the Manufacturing sector on an international scale.

Traditionally, the Manufacturing Industry is a key sector involved in creating sustainable economic growth in many countries around the world. In South Africa, this is no different. A thriving Manufacturing sector is critical in driving job creation and sustainable economic growth in our country.

South Africa’s Manufacturing Industry currently employs more than 1 million people, and is one of the largest contributors to our national GDP. The sector supports job creation and revenue generation through its local and export earnings. Additionally, it promotes the development of an educated workforce by encouraging individuals to further their skills through tertiary schooling. For this reason, the sector is responsible for the absorption of skilled individuals into the local Manufacturing sector.

It is difficult for a country to compete on a global level when your population size is merely a fraction of the most well-known Manufacturing Hubs. But that’s never stopped us before. South Africa is home to a number of first-evers and international sensations. We believe that it’s something to be proud of.

How can we support the continuous growth and development of the Manufacturing Industry in South Africa? We want our country to flourish and succeed, but how can we contribute to this within our local communities?

As a nation, we need to believe that South Africa’s Manufacturing sector has the potential to turn our economic fortunes around, and should always aim to aid its growth when possible. Doing this is easier than you may think. It simply requires a unanimous, ongoing support of goods manufactured locally. Local businesses can consider switching to South African manufacturers for resources. As individuals, we can support local manufacturing in two ways. Firstly, we can choose proudly locally produced products when buying items online or at the shops. Additionally, choose to support businesses who support local manufacturing.

In a country with slow economic growth, it’s important to pursue any opportunities for development that may arise. International trade is a powerful tool that encourages revenue generation and supports the local economy. However, to get international businesses and individuals on board with products manufactured in South Africa, it’s important for the sector to have a trustworthy reputation. Local citizens can help develop the level of respect for the South African Manufacturing Industry and thus create a demand for local goods and resources by promoting and endorsing local products and businesses. A strong support of local Manufacturing will reinforce the sense of trust and quality of South African manufacturing internationally, seeing our products and resources loved and trusted around the world.

As Humans, we believe that local is lekker. Whether it means supporting small businesses within our communities, uplifting South African entrepreneurs, or working alongside local dreamers to aid the development of their businesses, we love to play our part in driving South African success and supporting national economic growth.

Let’s stand together to make a difference. Let’s support local.

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