About Us

Human. Is our Story.

In 2018. Something happened. A breakthrough conversation. It was our conversation – that soon we understood to be every business owner’s conversation. How to turn pretty pictures into profits? How to cut the fat and keep the meat? How to build a brand that shows a return beyond creative investment? How to believe in local business again? How to encourage local businesses to love what they do, and what they stand for – as a brand, as a people.

HUMAN was born. A guy and girl duo that set out to speak the truth around profit margins and return, while starting a conversation about blood, sweat and tears. Albert and Tamsyn Louw have over 30 years collective entrepreneurial experience, brand development and management expertise coupled with headaches, heartaches, failures, triumphs, fears, and a deep-seated love for small to large local business.

We’re a team of passionate, hardworking, down-to-earth people, who give all our energy to the projects we’re working on and the clients we’re working with. Fellowship, Community and Faith are big brand ingredients at HUMAN, and sit at the corner stone of our business; while realising the dreams and successes of local businesses is what keeps the fire blazing in our hearts.

about us
Who we are Albert

17 Years of Experience

Founder & CEO

Albert Louw

aka Oubie/Oubaas after his grandfather

Long story short.
Telecoms. Butcheries. Restaurants. Naivety. I cut my teeth on all this crazy stuff. And I learnt to stay curious, and not to fear the unknown of any industry.

Country Appreciation?
The deep seated entrepreneurial spirit of our country. When we help businesses increase sales, profits and bottom lines – we are not only increasing the national GDP, we are sticking to the vision of making South Africa a better place.

What makes you Human?
Relatability. Overflowing compassion. Love. Joy. Perseverance.

How will you change the world before you leave?
Choose influence over attention.

15 Years of Experience

Managing Director

Tamsyn Louw

aka Tamimi given to her by her younger brothers & sister

Long story short.
Cape Town born. Swept up by the Joburg energy. Eventing. Marketing. Directorship & shareholding of internationally owned marketing agency. Became a mom. Stayed a boss babe.

Country Appreciation?
Johannesburg is the drum beat of my heart. I love the way the city hums with busy people and big hearts.

What makes you Human?
Honesty. Integrity. Reliability. Over-thinker!

How will you change the world before you leave?
Celebrate other people’s success with sincere excitement.

16 Years of Experience

Content Creator

Ruan Crane

Long story short.
Pretoria is my hometown. Lived in the United Kingdom for a bit. Back in South Africa I travelled the whole country working in film and television productions. 

Working on video productions across different major industries for 16 years. Learning every step of the way from some of the greatest leaders in their field.

Country Appreciation?
The people of South Africa are one of a kind. Our cultures are represented through everything we do and enjoy. No matter where you go the South African spirit never ceases to amaze me. 

What makes you Human?
Hardworking and consistent.
Reliable and trustworthy.
Resourceful and fair.
Witty and curious.

How will you change the world before you leave?
Hopefully by inspiring other fellow humans to take a chance on an idea and always keep an eye out for the opportunity.

Marketing Co-ordinator

Sinead Flynn

aka Nead given by childhood friends.

Long story short.
Passion for success, marketing, and a few horses on the side, I am determined to make a great life for myself and those around me. 

Country Appreciation?
Our culture, our people, and our gees!

What makes you Human?
Compassion, Heart, Fear, and a little go-getting attitude.

How will you change the world before you leave?
By being kind and being me.

Marketing Assistant

Aaliyah Norris

Long story short.
Media. Creativity. Always remembering to find art in every aspect of life.

Country Appreciation?
The most beautiful scenery and environment, diverse cultures, a country adamant on growth. I could not call anywhere else home.

What makes you Human?
Love. Relatability. Flaws. Compassion. Paying attention to the little things.

How will you change the world before you leave?
By remembering that everyone is fighting a silent battle, always be kind.