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Business Consulting



Business Consulting


Who are you behind the shelf? Or behind the package? You’re a dreamer. You’re a seeker. You’re a no-one that became a someone because you were different, because you were crazy, because you bled, sweated and sacrificed to make a dream come true. Because you and your product / service stood for something, and you still do.

Albert Louw, also known as “Oubie” or “Oubaas” after his grandfather, has spent the last 20-odd years starting, building, and selling businesses. Telecommunications, Butcheries, Sales & Marketing, these businesses have spanned a wide range of industries because at the core of it all, Albert is passionate about sales, business growth and people, what ever the business.

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Business consulting sessions


He will not settle for mediocrity and when he sees an opportunity, he will not let it go. He’s successfully transitioned with a business while listing on the JSE, built a retail business to R85m in the first three years and supported local and global clients with their sales and customer strategies leading to substantial growth of revenue and more importantly profits.

He has a natural ability to connect with strangers instantly and passionately communicates his thoughts, opinions and love for our country, our people and what we produce locally. A family man, grounded in faith, he is well known for his laugh you can hear from the other side of the building, his love (“addiction”) for coffee and the humble way in which he engages with others. 

There is no rule book or top ten tips he lives by and he has no formal tertiary education, but he has an exceptional business instinct and proven track record that he’s passionate about sharing with others.

If you’re looking for a business confidant to help you navigate the big decisions, transition periods, growth opportunities, Albert is the person you are looking for today. 



Sales. That “thing” we all need in our business. At HUMAN, we help you identify your true customers, how you are fulfilling their needs and analyse how you meet or don’t meet their needs. Together we’ll strategise a way forward once your product or service is positioned correctly (from a pricing, technical and service offering). Give your product or service the best positioning to thrive, equip your team with the knowledge and passion that will help them create a multitude of relationships in the market that will lead to sustainable business growth. 


For every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic.

We support you:

  • Product Positioning
  • Customer Analysis
  • Pricing Strategies
  • New Market Analysis/Development
  • Negotiating & Deal Closing Support
  • Sales Team Training
  • Targeted Sales Messaging


At HUMAN we help you extract your brand value. Often working on your business and too close to your product you tend to focus on the points that are close to your heart or the technicalities that don’t translate as well to customers as you may think.

We take the time to get to know the brand, product and the people behind the product. Then we carefully craft your brand value and offering into a story or stories that are relatable to your customers.

Through our sales-first approach, we make your profit margins our priority and turn your brand identity and value into a solid, confident story. 

We offer through-the-line advertising expertise: 

  • Brand Development & Strategy
  • Digital Marketing & Technology
  • Creative Design
  • Voice & Video Content Creation
  • Strategic Copywriting

HUMAN offers full-house content creation, without the ego. We talk return of investment before awards. We are a through-the-line marketing and media hub with an aptitude for excellence in design, content writing, digital marketing and content strategy. We believe in creating content that serves the hearts and homes of your people, your customer and your bottom line.