We Connect. Like Humans Do.

Sales. That “thing” we all need in our business. At HUMAN, we help you identify, establish or maintain your sales customers and channels. We’ll make sure you’re story, product and commercial value are being communicated correctly for the most impact. Together we’ll strategise a way forward once your product or service is positioned correctly (from a pricing, technical and service offering). Give your product or service the best positioning to thrive, equip your team with the knowledge and passion that will help them create a multitude of relationships in the market that will lead to sustainable business growth. 

It used to be that people needed products to survive. Now products need people to survive. – Nicholas Johnson

Product Positioning
Customer Analysis
Pricing Strategies
New Market Analysis/Development
Negotiating & Deal Closing Support
Sales Team Training
Targeted Sales Messaging
For every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic.