We believe every brand has a big story to tell.

At HUMAN we help you extract your brand value. Often working on your business and too close to your product you tend to focus on the points that are close to your heart or the technicalities that don’t translate as well to customers as you may think.

We take the time to get to know the brand, product and the people behind the product. Then we carefully craft your brand value and offering into a story or stories that are relatable to your customers.

Through our sales-first approach, we make your profit margins our priority and turn your brand identity and value into a solid, confident story. 


HUMAN offers full-house content creation, without the ego. We talk return of investment before awards. We are a through-the-line marketing and media hub with an aptitude for excellence in design, content writing, digital marketing and content strategy. We believe in creating content that serves the hearts and homes of your people, your customer and your bottom line.

We offer through-the-line advertising expertise: 

Brand Development & Strategy
Digital Marketing & Technology
Creative Design
Voice & Video Content Creation
Strategic Copywriting
Selling and telling a brand story won’t make you relatable.
And it won’t make you human.
Selling and telling a story, because you care…will. 



"As we've been building our Plan Bee Honey brand, HUMAN has been unreal in their support and wisdom in helping us position our brand and grow our market share."
plan bee
Tim van Stormbroek