Business Consulting

 We ask the right questions. We offer the real answers.

Who are you behind the shelf? Or behind the package? You’re a dreamer. You’re a seeker. You’re a no-one that became a someone because you were different, because you were crazy, because you bled, sweated and sacrificed to make a dream come true. Because you and your product / service stood for something, and you still do.

It all starts with the questions. The real, honest, open questions. The ones that tackle your business growth head on. The ones that help you see the when’s, what’s and ‘why the hecks?”

This is how your journey begins with Albert Louw. Or ‘Oubie’ Louw – you can call him both. He’s that guy that greets you in the parking lot of your life – where your ignition’s still running and you’re thinking about whether to get out, stay in or make your next move towards a big shiny glass door that holds all the opportunity..

business consultant
Business consulting sessions

With a degree in acute business instinct and a proven track record for blue chip business turnaround (Lasher Tools, Country Meat) – Albert will help you shift mind-set and navigate the big decisions, transition periods, growth opportunities and that thing that scares us the most as entrepreneurs – irrelevance.

With his natural ability to connect and communicate with his clients in a real, mindful and unfettered way, Albert will lead you from the fear towards ground breaking clarity and unmissed business opportunities.

If you’re serious about transformative trailblazing in your business, connect with Albert (Oubie) Louw. He’s your guy.

"Albert's advice has left us with new opportunities and every session is something new and out of the box. We feel inspired into action every time we end a session"
Izene Filomeno

Need to know more?

Albert loves coffee. Okay no, that’s not true – he’s addicted to coffee. Other addictions include local produce, his love for South Africa, his love for his wife and daughter, biltong, good human beings and his unwavering faith. He also loves to laugh (loudly) – in fact, you can revel in this sound from many metres away. 

Even more?

Albert has spent the last 20 years starting, building, and selling businesses – including Telecommunications, Butcheries, Sales & Marketing. In his career, he successfully transitioned with a business while listing on the JSE, built a retail business to R85m in the first three years and supported local and global clients with their sales and customer strategies leading to substantial growth of revenue and more importantly profits.

"Albert wears his heart on his sleeve and passion shines through 200% of the time. You are always treated as number one. Putting his advice into action has lead to new business."
Byrone Rubenstein
Sales & Operations Manager

Ready to roll?

Connect with Albert on any of the following Shift Packages that suit you. 

Business Shift Packages

Visitor Plan

You prefer a more temporary access to questions, answers and some primary solutions.
  • 1 x Consultation - once/off
  • 60 Minutes

Initiator Plan

Consistency is key to success and opportunity. Keep the conversation going with our Initiator Package.
  • 1 x Consultation - per/month
  • 60 Minutes
  • 3 Months