What makes us Human?

A human obsession with identity and differentiation which drives us to great measures of innovation. Think the batmobile or the boerewors braai guy at the local grocer. Same same.
Can happen at any time, in any language. With our without Trevor Noah in the room.
It’s what we do every day. We breathe, and we create.
When you think it’s only you but it’s actually everyone, all the time.
What keeps things lekker interesting. We tell ourselves this, at least.
Late night brainstorm fuel. See Love and Chaos
It’s what happens when one local brand meets another local brand. It’s also what happened one crazy night at a Manhattan bar, when Albert met Tamsyn. A mixture of science and something else we can’t quite explain.
Trying your level best to solve the world’s problems with zero ego, loads of love and an understanding for humankind.
When you’re worrying about the proverbial box you’re meant to keep ‘thinking out of’…
The way of the future. Business, branding and humanity. Together.
The only thing holding all of this madness together.