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This is more than a Movement. It’s a catalyst for Change

Let’s start a LOCALUTION  

South Africa is a calabash of entrepreneurs. For hundreds of years, big local ideas and little local ideas have found their way into our boardrooms, our factories, our farms and our streets – but  many of these often “hidden gems” with few people knowing they exist or that they are locally made. This is a country that has stood too long in the shadows of its global manufacturing counterparts.

The buck stops here. With us.     

Human Influence is a collective of conscious change. Together, as doers and leaders, thinkers and believers we have united on a journey to help each other build, promote and support our local businesses. We believe that South African businesses need South African businesses – and local consumers need to be introduced to more local products.

But Why?

For a better, more sustainable commercial industry; that has forgotten its worth in ‘local’ production and has lost its way in the noise of international imports and manufacturing. Seeped in home-grown skill and knowledge, Human Influence opens up a gateway of opportunity for South African business owners that can now rise to a new day where ‘local’ is no longer just ‘lekker’ – it’s a legacy.

Our people need to believe in our people.

Human Influence believes in South African-built businesses – we want our nation to believe the same. Our aim as a collective is to educate South Africa on the quality, ingenuity and community benefits of choosing local brands over imported brands.

What’s in it for you?

If your business is born local, sells local and supports local communities and passion project initiatives for the greater South African purpose, then we want to connect with you. With Human Influence, your business receives free exposure through our media platforms and podcast marketing.

Our purpose is to help you succeed at your purpose.

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