Case Study – Plan Bee

Plan Bee Case Study

Did you know that Honey is one of the Top 10 Most Adulterated Foods in the World? We therefore consider it a privilege to work with the iconic South African Honey Brand, Plan Bee. Plan Bee is an honest Brand with the goal of helping honey. They support small scale farmers in Zambia by providing opportunities for beekeeping mentorships, allowing these individuals to expand their resources by harvesting pure single-source honey. Plan Bee have also had the honour of assisting rural farmers in improving their businesses and homes in the process. That is happiness. That is their honey.

Plan Bee offers single-sourced African honey that is unblended, unadulterated, and non-irradiated.

Our Team Manages the Marketing Functions of the Brand: 

  • Customer Marketing & Communication
  • Merchandising, Branding & Implementation
  • Promotions 
  • New Product Labels & Launch Strategies 

In South Africa, we do not produce sufficient honey to satisfy domestic consumption or its own export needs. In 2016 and 2017, approximately 4000 Mt of honey had to be imported to accommodate demand. The rapid increase in honey imports has primarily been driven by insufficient local supply. However, due to low rainfall over large portions of South Africa, the Domestic Beekeeping Industry does not have the opportunity to compete with pure and/or adulterated honey imports. 

In South Africa, Plan Bee is envisaged as the distribution label for this (currently) Zambian honey. The vision is to empower individuals by creating economic opportunities whilst taking care of the environment by instituting processes that save trees and bees. With over 9000 families benefiting from Plan Bee Honey, their goal is to achieve economic growth and support within a community and to try make a difference overall. 

In life, Plan A often does not work out. That’s why there’s Plan Bee

Plan Bee Brand Values: 

  • People Orientated: People are their bottom line. Yes, Plan Bee cares about profits, but what motivates them is giving people the tools to change their lives. Plan Bee believes that an investment in people is always worth it.
  • Ambitious: Investing now for growth that will yield fruit for future generations requires a fierce determination to succeed. The magnitude of this vision fuels them.
  • Collaborative: Whether it’s Zambia, Mozambique or South Africa, Plan Bee is passionate about fostering networks amongst African beekeepers where individuals can learn from others and aid one another.
  • Value-based: Generosity and integrity inform everything that Plan Bee does, from their relationships with beekeepers to the purity of the honey in their bottles.
  • Vibrant: Life should be lived to the fullest! There’s hard work, yes – however, Plan Bee is a spirited and animated brand that welcomes you to the family.

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