Case Study – Lasher Tools

Lasher Tools

Lasher Tools Case Study

We’re privileged to be able to work on the iconic South African brand, Lasher Tools. Lasher Tools is a 90-year old local manufacturer of over 1,000 hand tools. With over 650 employees, we take our role seriously and are passionate about delivering world-class work that leads to a notable return on investment.

Our team manages the marketing function for the brand:

  • Customer marketing & communication
    • Merchandising planning & implementation
    • Promotions, catalogues and seasonal content
    • Training content and face-to-face sessions
  • End consumer marketing & communication
    • Social media content & management
    • Website management
    • Podcast writing, recording, hosting
    • Strategic promotions in-store to support sell-out
    • Events & exhibitions
  • Corporate
    • CI development and management
    • Branding design & production
    • New product labels and launch strategy

‘Local’ should be a verb: a ‘doing’ word, rather than a ‘being’ word. It’s a thing we once took for granted. Never before in the history of South Africa has this word – ‘Local’ – been used as much in a Presidential Address, in text and email communication and across social media. For South Africa, there is unity in ‘Local’; there is energy in ‘Local’; there is a certain movement of spirit that drives business, culture, compassion and entrepreneurship. ‘Local’ is why we blow our Vuvuzelas every night; it’s why we say “ag shame” a lot – and “lekker” and “eta” and “howzit” too. ‘Local’ is the reason we pick boerewors from our Sunday braais, and why we smell the sweet Bobotie sultanas along a sidewalk stroll; ‘Local’ is why we shout “Laduma” and share stories over pap and chakalaka on our doorsteps. ‘Local’ is the drumbeat of our hearts in this country – it’s why we call it home. At Lasher Tools, we believe in this home. Our home. A home we built our business on since 1929. While our economy gears up for Level 3 of the COVID Crisis, perhaps we should consider bringing our transactions closer to home-base – here in our beautiful South Africa – where our quality is solid, our hands are trusting and our hearts are warm. Supporting what is ours, as a nation, is a small ‘doing’ solution with big economic potential. It’s our turn now.
Let’s Localise Together.

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